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What is BYTE?

Allow Your Eyes To Feast

With The Byte App, you can see every mouth-watering appetizer, entree, or dessert before you order. Byte offers a photo, description, and overall grade for each item on any menu; allowing you to know exactly what you are getting before your food arrives.

Get Rewarded For Your Two Cents!

Your opinion is valuable and Byte makes sure your value is appreciated. Giving feedback is as simple as a swipe of your finger and that swipe is all it takes to earn loyalty points that you can spend at your favorite restaurants!

Find What You Want, Know What You Need

Knowledge is power – not too much information. Byte understands this and gives you what you need to have the most pleasurable dining experience without experiencing information overload. By delivering useful, actionable information, Byte means Intelligent Dining!

Byte Features


S4_B_Rate Menu Item

No one knows your tastebuds better than you, but The Byte App can help you find what tastes best! Byte keeps track of your likes and dislikes, and uses your ratings to help you discover your next favorite dish!



Ever find yourself stuck between two dishes when it comes time to order? Or has a friend ever asked “What should I get?” With Byte, you can select, track, and save “MyFavorites” and “NextTimes” to make your tough calls easier and help your fellow diners order.


S4_B_Search Profile

So you’re in the mood for Thai food, but more specifically you’re in the mood for Pad Thai. The Byte App changes the way you find this next meal. Instead of limiting your search to restaurants by location, cuisine or name, The Byte App allows you to search by menu items, ingredients, and dietary restrictions–helping make sure you get exactly what you fancy.



Question for a restaurant? Interested in deals? The Byte App makes it easy to stay informed. Within the app, a notification center keeps you up-to-date on the things you want to know.


You know your opinion is valuable — and so does The Byte App! Which is why there are MyPoints to reward you for sharing your experience. Redeem them at your favorite restaurants and unlock VIP Perks!


S4_B_Menu Item Detail

Dining out is a social experience, from eating with company to choosing where to eat. The Byte App enables you to connect with friends and other relevant “experts” to help you perfect your dining experience. See their thoughts on dishes, restaurants, and more! The Byte App also has a referral system that gives you 1% of the MyPoints earned by each friend you get to sign up!

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